Getting Organised

So it’s the last two weeks before our wedding and I am in full crack down mode for getting our house decluttered and organised before our family start arriving next week. I have always been obsessed with Pinterest and save so many images to my phone but realistically I never end up doing them. So finally this weekend I got out those old photos and begun organising the house room by room. 

Having moved around a bit and both lived in different houses we had a lot of mixed matched furniture/decor etc. Choosing a colour scheme was the biggest issue. I decided to make the main living areas based off whites and grey tones to keep the room light and modern.


*Measure your areas to make sure things will fit
* Ensure that furniture can be used as storage space. Decor is nice, but it needs to have a purpose.
* Hanging things on walls is great, but too much will make a room look cluttered.

My first big attempt at reorganising was purchasing these 8 cube shelves from Kmart for $39 AUD.

 I needed something to replace the old tv cabinet which for one was a dark colour and two who makes a tv cabinet with drawers/shelves that aren’t actually deep enough to hold dvds?!!!!! Thomas has quite a collection of xbox games so I needed something that could continue to hold his games whilst also having a limit so he couldn’t purchase too many 😉

I also love this cube set because having the xbox consoles on top ensure their able to use the inbuilt fans properly so they don’t overheat. (His consoles are temperamental).

Now I am not the person to go to if you need a flat pack built, half the time they end up very unstable and missing 4 important screws but this was a piece of cake even for me!

The next attempt was a “control centre”. Somewhere I could put reminders, grocery lists etc that I would see everyday but would not be in immediate view for clients or guests. I have this small wall in our second living area which is also where we hide our kitchen rubbish bin.

I strive off to do lists so having something I could change up was really important. The two mini clip boards were $2.50 each which allow me to change the board to whatever I want at any time but also allow me to remove them from the wall and use a bench to write on them. As we are over half way through the year calendars were discounted to $1 each! This was perfect for my fiancé as he doesn’t keep a diary so having somewhere he can write his reminders or important dates on was an essential, plus it stops me from sounding like a nag having to remind him 😉

I already had the grocery list however you can purchase them from Kmart for $3! This area was especially helpful on the weekend when we spent the entire sunday cleaning as we could tick off what jobs we had done and there was no “wheres the list? or whats next?!”

My third and final major change around the house was the pots and pans cupboard. I purchased this “corner organiser” from Kmart for $4, big spender I know haha. I turned this on its side and used it to divide all of my pans leaving me so much more room in the cupboard and I no longer had to go through the crash/bang/smash of everything falling out when I just want one item. 

More ideas coming soon ~ C

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