The Power Of Makeup. Inspired by Nikki Tutorials

Hey lovelies so if you haven’t seen the Nikki Tutorials video I will leave it in the links below. I think it was a really important video for her to release and one that is so so relative. Her video had so many valid points that really aren’t discussed enough on beauty blogs or youtube.

The absolute biggest thing to remember with makeup which she did mention in the video is that it does wash off! Makeup is not a permanent structural change to the body, it is all an experiment. There are no rules with how makeup should look or be applied. The purpose of beauty channels or blogs is not to just imply that there is only one way makeup should be done. Makeup artists are exactly as the name suggests, they are artists, they are creative, they push boundaries and they interpret different textures/shapes/colours differently to each other.

I teach makeup based on MY personal preferences, techniques and skills. Yes makeup artists do often look completely different by the time they have a full face of makeup on and no it’s not about insecurities. The amount of money spent on makeup, if the worst problem we had was thinking our nose looked too big then we would probably save thousands of dollars on makeup getting surgery done.. Makeup is an expression, it is about enhancing the features you already have rather than masking those you don’t.

There is nothing wrong with makeup. Though expensive it is still quite a healthy obsession/hobby for most people. Blogging isn’t about being a keyboard warrior or (this one made me laugh the most) “brainwashing people”. Beauty blogging is about building a community of common interest and engaging with those people, focusing on improving skills and educating yourself on different products and suppliers and everything else that goes along with beauty.

Makeup has no boundaries (unless your purposely drawing a mono brow on then girl you totally just crossed the line! haha). But seriously there are so many woman and men that are amazing at what they do. Take Manny MUA for example, one of the most AMAZING makeup artists I have ever seen and yet I constantly hear the “but he’s a guy” uhm girl I don’t care. It is people like him that really show that there are no limits just because there may be a large following of people who’s perception is that makeup is for females only. But I can guarantee half of those people would be the same stating that soccer shouldn’t only be for men… mhhhmm that’s right I know how you work 😉

Now I know you are meant to do half a face glam and half all natural for the “Power of Makeup” but as I am going out that’s not really an option or I will run out of time haha. So here is an image of todays makeup vs me yesterday. 

At the end of the day I enjoy makeup, but I treat it as an accessory. Some girls feel better with diamonds and pearls or expensive shoes I feel better having my eyebrows on point and adding colour to my face. Anyone who tells you looking like a glazed donut is bad does not own the right highlighter, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life

New blog post coming soon ~ C

Nikki Tutorials video Click Here

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