What’s in my bag #tag

Hey lovelies I have had a few requests to do a “What’s in my bag” post. My handbag is like my wardrobe! I keep so so much in it. 
~ My diary, literally my most essential item this has my work appointments, to do lists, bill due dates and important events. I used to have electronic diaries on my phone but after one of them had a major corruption and mixed up and lost half my appointments I have been too scared to go back!

~ A pen, because whats the use of having your diary if you can’t write in it?!

~ Strepsils, this isn’t a normal staple item but at the moment it’s an essential!

~ Ibroprofen, endomitriosis catches me off guard so easily so its always good to have a few spare pain killers on hand but if your an average person you’ll probably find them handy for headaches too.

~ Priceline card. Okay so this is more of a whats in my wallet one but I literally don’t leave the house without my Priceline card just incase they have a sale, every point counts. #makeupobsessed

~ Bobby pins. You never need them when you have them but the second you forget to bring spare hair ties or bobby pins your hair tie snaps and its windy as all hell. Luckily as a hairdresser I invest in a few thousand of these a month so I never run out.

~ Hand sanitiser. Just incase god forbid I have to use a public toilet ***insert cringe***.

~ Liquid lipstick. General lipsticks will melt if it gets hot, although heat isn’t good for makeup at least your liquid lipsticks won’t loose shape!

~ My phone. No comment required haha.

~ My wallet, forever driving so need my licence obvs but really its just good to have my card on me incase I want frozen coke haha (another obsession).

~ 10000 receipts, I tend to only remove all the receipts from my handbag once a month so theres always a lot especially when purchasing items for a wedding!

~ Sunglasses. I don’t really wear them a lot but I like to keep a pair on me just incase.

~ Mint gum. To freshen the breath.

~  Suvana Organic Paw Paw & honey balm. I use this for my lips and it works amazingly.

~ Power bank. For charging my phone when I’m out. Great for date nights! Put your phone in your handbag and let it charge out of site while your at the table

~ Sectioning comb, incase I need to redo my hair at a minutes notice. haha no not really idk why I have it in there but its just handy to have.

That’s about it! I have no idea if I am meant to say anymore about what’s in my bag but for those who asked me to do this blog post I hope that’s enough info for you haha. New blog post coming soon ~ C

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