My latest lifesaver

Everyone has a holy grail item in their makeup kit they just can’t do without right?! Well of all the brush cleaners I have tried high end and drugstore I have finally found my holy grail must have!!! 

I had been eyeing off the sigma brush cleansing glove for a while but just couldn’t justify the price and waiting for it in the mail! So instead I purchased the Real Techniques brush cleaning mat from my local priceline.

This came with a sample size of their brush cleaner also! Which was great because I really wanted to know if it was worth purchasing before buying an entire bottle.

Not only did the mat work amazingly there was no messy sink to clean up, the brushes weren’t damaged as the dots on the mat were designed well for each brush type AND the cleansing product sample literally got every single makeup stain/residue off my brushes.

For those of you whom do special effects makeup you would know that most brushes get ruined when working with liquid latex etc… This cleanser literally fixed them and saved them from going in the closest trash can!

Both items can be purchased from priceline in Australia and they are so worth it! Get those pay checks out girls and start investing!

Have a topic you want discussed on tge blog? Comment below. New blog post coming soon ~ C

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