DIY Body Scrub

Alright girlfriends, so we’ve spent a lot of time focusing on skin care for the face now it’s time to focus on the other 90% of your skin. It’s a no brainer as to why we need to care for our skin, it serves as protection for the blood and other organs as well as regulates our temperatures and assist with our senses. Tonight I thought we should touch base on how to remove all of those old damaged skin cells with a DIY body scrub!

This scrub is literally made of ingredients that I am sure most of you will have in your kitchen.

What you need;

Mixing bowl
Measuring Cup
Wooden Spoon
2 cups of brown sugar
1/2 cup of Olive Oil
1/4 cup of Honey (Any honey will do but for added benefits splurge and purchase some Manuka honey!)

All you have to do is literally combine all of the above ingredients in the mixing bowl until it looks like magic sand haha.

How to use it?

Grab a table spoon and start applying to the different areas of your body rubbing it in circular motions to remove old skin cells and help stimulate the regeneration of new ones.

There are so many DIY scrubs but honestly for those of you whom are going to use a scrub once in a blue moon and not regularly this is the most affordable option for you. Plus making a big batch gives you a good excuse to have a girls night in so you can all focus on getting that skin glowing again!

New blog post coming soon ~ C

Warning; Do not use in overly sensitive areas, avoid the eyes etc as this can cause irritation.

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