Blemishing beauty

You’ve all heard of the garlic quick fix right? Well what about for those whom a) don’t want to smell like garlic or b) don’t have time to keep their faces makeup free for a few days?!!!

It’s been a week since my wedding and I have totally slacked in my skin care routine since being on the honeymoon. Unfortunately this also means that all that yummy takeaway I’ve been eating is starting to show on my face!! 

I purchased the Australis blemish buster primer from priceline for $18 AUD. Now regardless of if I’m wearing makeup or not I will always prime my skin so this doesn’t add any extra time for me of a day to use. The best thing I love about it is that I can still put a full face of makeup over the top while my face is having a facial! I’ve been cleansing my face then putting it on overnight while I sleep also and it has worked wonders for me. Don’t get me wrong its not as fast acting as garlic but this is something that won’t dry out or cause damage to your skin with regular use! It also leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated!!

For the price, the outcome and the fact its available locally it’s easily 5 stars for me! New blog post coming soon ⭐⭐⭐


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