Sephoras Mistake…

This week was my first instore visit to a sephora.. Want to see how disastrous it was? Keep reading!

Being that it is my honeymoon I decided to spoil myself with purchasing some more high end expensive products. I visited the store intending to spend quite a lot of $$ with them..

Sunday was my first visit, it was crazy busy in the store with customers back to back just to look for products.. Now as if this wasn’t enough to set off my anxiety what happened next was by far worse. Almost every single shop assistant was doing anything other than assisting clients, from touching up their makeup in the mirror to talking to other staff about their weekend none were walking around welcoming or assisting. I called out many times to staff for assistance as products are in drawers and id assume we aren’t able to serve ourselves.. Well in the end no one assisted me so I had to just grab products that were on shelves and not in drawers. I left only purchasing a small portion of the products I wanted.

Tuesday I re attempted the store thinking perhaps Sunday was just a busy day. Tuesdays visit was definitely worse. Not many people in the store but again heaps of assistants. No greeting as I entered the store. Not one assistant approached me themselves in the half hour I was at the store. When I approached an assistant she was rude and unfriendly, very blunt with her words. I asked if she could help me find the zoeva brushes I wanted, her response was so rude and the second shed finished her sentence she turned her back on me.

This same assistant rudely pushed in front of me at the Zoeva stand as I was quite obviously swatching products. She fully blocked my access to the stand with zero apology or excuse me. I called out to her multiple times to get a palette out for me to purchase, by the time she decided not to ignore me she grabbed the palette and left. There was no “anything else I can help with or get you?”.

After that I grabbed the two items in my hands and went straight to the counter I didn’t feel like being there anymore.

That afternoon I sent a complaint to sephora Australia outlining my experience.

Wednesday afternoon I received an email that quite obviously looks like it was copy and pasted.. Their online team didn’t even bother to ask if I needed help finding the product that the assistant was unable to assist with. I will leave a copy of the email here for you to view their response.

I took to social media to see if anyone else was treated like this upon visiting and within less than 24 hours I had over 60 individual responses stating that sephora Australia is the worst makeup shop when it comes to customer service.

I spent well and truly over $200 with them this week, so as a customer I expect some decent service and manners. Shame on you Sephora!

**store visited was Sydney cbd pitt st**

Have you or anyone else you know visited a sephora below? Leave your experience in the comments below! New post coming soon ~ C


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