Daiso vs Blendercleanser sponge bath!

Finding that my general brush cleaners weren’t enough for my beauty blenders I decided when I was in Sydney last week to purchase some actual sponge cleaner from two different brands. To make this comparison more genuine I utilised 3 different brand sponges with the same amount of foundation on them and identical partners for each different cleaner. This meant it could test different colours and textures/materials. So what was better High end or drug store cleanser? Read below!

As you can see from this image they were quite dirty and ready for a great sponge bath… excuse the pun haha. I will leave the cost of these two products at the very bottom so you can make your own mind up of which was better judging by the images!

The beauty blenders have been well used so there is expected to be some staining after continual usage. Each beauty blender is less than 6 months old. I prefer to throw them out after 6 months as the cleaner they are the better they work and the less chance you have of them causing a skin reaction/break out. Generally however you can keep them for up to 12 months before you should really consider replacing them!

I wash mine in luke warm water, not too hot and not too cold. It’s important to soak your beauty blender in water before attempting to cleanse them as the sponges expand and open all the little holes when wet making it easier to target any bacteria or product.

After washing these beauty blenders you can clearly see that all have minor staining, some more than others as obviously one of the cleaners were much stronger. I have many other beauty blenders trust me this isn’t even half the amount I own and I find that some foundations also stain worse than others however for the purpose of this all beauty blenders selected were used with Mac studio foundation.

I found that the cleanser I used for the left side required less product and less pressure to clean. The cleanser I used for the right also had an overly strong chemical smell and I could not stand the dispensing method it made product go everywhere!

Now here is the shocking part! Which brand was what side and at what cost!

Daiso – Drugstore product $2.80 (Left side)
Blendercleanser – High End Product $28.00 (Right Side)

There are a lot of things I will purchase high end but not this! Looks like I will be stocking up on a years supply of Daiso! Blendercleanser can be purchased from Sephora both online and in store, Daiso Sponge cleaner can be purchased at any Dasio Japan stores which are located in some Australian major cities.

New blog post coming soon ~ C

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