Brush cleaning? Broke girl style

Are you struggling to afford one of the sigma brush gloves or real techniques dish? Here are three alternatives you can purchase with loose change or find in your cupboard at home!

1. Your childs lego board.m_sijfa5OMAudAm1iuyD6KQ.jpg

Okay so you probably don’t want to use it once they’ve dribbled all over it but if you wash it thoroughly or purchase a brand new one and hold it on an angle you can use this to deep cleanse your brushes! This should only cost you a few dollars. Caution **Please ensure you wash properly after use if you are going to hand it back to a child, no one wants their child licking chemicals off their lego!**

2. Raised chopping board.

Yep those $2 chopping boards you see at kmart with the weird bumps are going to be your new best friend! Hold it on an angle just like the lego board and your free to go! I do not recommend re using this in the kitchen afterwards or using one that has already been used in the kitchen.

3. The hot water bottle!Unknown-3.jpeg

See those different patterns? They are perfect for all your different shaped brushes! Larger bumps/swirls for larger brushes and smaller bumps/swirls for detail/eye brushes! You can buy these at your local reject shop for a few dollars.

Now for those who can’t afford expensive brush cleaner you have two options, #1 baby shampoo available at your local supermarket or #2 Daiso brush cleaner from your local Daiso japan store!

Whatever you do please do not use a grater to wash your brushes! You will damage the bristles and likely cut your brushes in half! I’ve seen it done before haha.

Let me know how you all go with the loose change life changer! New blog post coming soon ~ C


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