Changing the game

The past few weeks since returning from the honeymoon have been hectic, work has been busy our social lives have been busy and now we are slowly regaining some normality/routine! The past few weeks I have made 4 major changes the first you may have guessed from my Instagram or cover image for todays blog! Read below for more details…

Cover Photograph: Blush Boudoir Studio
Makeup Artistry: Casidhe Lianna ~ Hair Makeup Beauty

pink-number-1-filled-512.jpg The haircut! 14225599_630757757084329_45722662927991616_n.jpg

This is probably my most visibly noticeable change over the past few weeks one that I made as a complete impulse decision of course! They say marriage gets boring, well mine sure doesn’t when you surprise your husband with a haircut much shorter than usual and a funky choker from your local beauty store!

pink-number-2-filled-512.gif The diet!

That’s right I am now officially on a get fat diet! What’s a get fat diet you say? Well having endometriosis means that gaining weight is quite a struggle so I have taken it upon myself to create a diet completely aimed at Endo patients that won’t just help me gain weight but also maximise the amount of days I am not bed ridden due to a low immune system. To assist with this my first major step was getting rid of every bit of caffeine and replacing it with Spirulina tablets, Cranberry juice & organic detoxifying tea! Since having Spirulina tablets x 3 per day and minimum 1 glass of cranberry juice I am experiencing minimal ovary pain and reduced back pain! The only down side is the migraines that come due to caffeine withdrawals! Oh how I love my Coca Cola!

pink-number-3-filled-256.jpg Out with the old and in with the new!

All those products sitting at the bottom of my makeup kit that weren’t terrible but had not been used in the past 2-3 months I threw out. I literally halved my professional and personal makeup kit and replaced everything with more good quality products that would be used regularly. Keeping old makeup and brushes can be very risky as they may hold bacterial growths that will cause skin infections if used from being kept too long or not cleaned properly.

5c5d3d_af532a1a2e87459baac046a43c8947cb.png Revamp and Refresh

The past two weeks I have been focusing on decluttering and re organising areas of the house that are often shut off to guests/clients. In the months leading up to the wedding I did a massive revamp of the common areas creating new storage space for the lounge room and study as well as the kitchen. Mixed matched furniture is heading out the door and fresh new decor/furniture and storage is heading in! Want to see a blog post featuring all my new decor changes? Leave a comment below! I am KMART OBSESSED of course!

I have so many new products to review but let me know in the comments below if there are any non makeup related posts you would like to see!

New post coming soon ~ C


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