Smashbox Photo Finish Primer vs Mac Fix + Review

For those days your wearing more than just a tinted BB cream you want to ensure your makeup will glide on and stay on right?! Mac Fix + has always been a go to product of mine for many different reasons so on my honeymoon I decided to change things up a bit and test out the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer to compare! Want to see which was better? Read below!
Mac Fix Plus RRP: $32
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water $4mac_fix.jpg

Smell: The Smashbox Spray has a very overpowering chemical scent compared to the fix plus

Beauty Blending; Both sprays assist with beauty blending fairly equal obviously depending on the foundation used. For this test I tried both the Mac Studio Fluid foundation and the Rimmel Match Perfection. 

i-020510-photo-finish-primer-water-1-940.jpgPriming the face; Whilst Mac fix plus gave a quick refreshing mist the Smashbox Primer spray made you feel like a drowned rat as it gave an overly intense spray.

Setting Spray; Both added a slightly dewy complexion and removed the powdery foundation look from the setting powder. However in terms of which actually allowed foundations to stay longer hands down Mac Fix Plus is the only way to go, the Smashbox Primer Water after only a few hours made the foundation fade in patches and creating pools of what looked like sweat but was really just melting product.

I definitely would recommend purchasing the Mac Fix Plus. The Smashbox spray I would probably only use again for wetting the beauty blenders but not for much else!

Have you tried them both? Which did you prefer?

New blog post coming soon ~ C


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