Wish Brush Cleaning Tree Review

Are you sick and tired of your makeup brushes taking over your bench tops when you have to deep clean them? Want an easy solution even for travelling?! Read my solution below!

As a makeup artist I am forever deep cleaning my makeup brushes to ensure the ultimate heigine standards for clients, this means my bench tops are often lined with hundreds of makeup brushes drying for at least 12-24 hours. I wanted something that I could use to minimise the space they take up but would also be a good solution for times when your in a small hotel room with not much bench space. I purchased the brush tree from WISH for just $8 a fraction of the price from purchasing at a high end store. This took 2-3 weeks to deliver to Australia but for that price I honestly don’t mind the wait.

When using the brush tree you must ALWAYS store brushes so that the bristles are facing downwards to avoid any water coming into contact with the glue in your brush handle as this will make it disintegrate.

The brush tree is collapsable making it easy to store away and pack in suitcases for travel.

This sized brush holder would ideally be suited more so for personal use with an average brush collection size than professional as it does not contain a large amount of brush holes however for the price if you were washing brushes regularly you could afford to purchase a few. mFpAoj8yGdUX3lKNrPSYtwQ.jpg

Do you own a brush tree? Post your images below!

New blog post soon ~ C

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