Skin Care Disaster!

Cactus-Skincare-White-Clay-Mask-5995.jpgA few months ago I received a range of skin care products from Cactus Skin Care. Their service was absolutely amazing, they asked plenty of questions about my skin type before choosing products to send and even asked about my current routine which was a great start… The packaging was also amazing and super cute so what could go wrong right? Qualified professionals already checking out my skin care needs to have the best outcome it couldn’t be more personalised if I tried! Read more to find out what happened!
The product I tested was the lemon and lime white clay mask which in their own words, “assists in repair of sun damaged dry, acned  or blemished skin” and is apparently suitable for sensitive skin… Well I can tell you quite confidently I do not have sensitive skin and it is blemished in some areas so sounds like what I need right? Keep reading…

I received my products only a few weeks before the wedding so of course I didn’t want to risk a major break out and put testing the products on hold until I was back from the honeymoon. In this time my skin condition didn’t really change all that much and the products had been stored correctly. So one day I decided to give the mask a go… What I experienced was absolutely awful! Within 60 seconds my skin was literally burning! I ran to the bathroom and attempted to remove the mask with water but it would not budge it had stuck solid to my face, what a nightmare! So I grabbed my closest face washer run it under the water a little but not too much that the face washer went soft and scrubbed my face so hard. My skin was red raw by the time the mask was off and had even exacerbated a few of my problem areas.

I still have 4 other products to try from their range so hopefully they are better although given my experience with the above I am incredibly concerned the others may also cause me a reaction. What was interesting though is that sun damaged skin often requires more moisture/collagen added rather than removed… lemon is a key ingredient to drying out skin.. contradictory much?!

Have you tried their products before? What did you think of them?

New blog post coming soon ~ C


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