Big Sexy Hair review!!!

As a hairdresser the products I purchase are incredibly important to me as I dont want half my head of hair discoloured/damaged or falling out before I retire! But needless to say haircare should totally be important for everyone else too I mean hair is your permanent crown/accessory so why would you spend more on shoes or clothes that are only temporary?! I purchased the Big Sexy Hair shampoo and I am so impressed!!! Read more below to see the benefits of this product and why I love it!!!!

So not only is it incredibly affordable for a salon product it also requires very minimal product use during each wash meaning your really getting your moneys worth! Of course being a hairdresser I purchased the large 1L professional range bottle but even the smaller client size is still fab! Glamaco is currently selling client sized shampoo and conditioner packages for $20 AUD! Thats $10 per product. So why do I love it so much?!

~ the scent smells amazing but not too over powering!

~ the shampoo formula is colour safe!!

~ no nasty silicone layers like pantene and treseme which may cause problems when colouring your hair

~ doesn’t leave your hair too dry but also doesn’t make it oily!

~ leaves your hair with amazing natural volume and a weightless effect which also means less headaches!!!

~ salt free so safe for hair extensions and chemical straightening!

~ hair dries a lot quicker with the volume formula, say goodbye to your hairdryer!

~ no need to wash your hair every day as this formula re balances the oils in your scalp meaning you can get away with washing it every 2-3 days and even skip the dry shampoo!

~ leaves your hair with a salon finish without the added styling products and techniques!

I am absolutely in love with this shampoo and totally considering buying a years worth in case they ever decide to discontinue it! I’m even thinking I should purchase more of their range!

Have you tried this product before?! What did you think? Do you have a different to dye for shampoo? Let me know in the comments below!!!

New blog post coming soon ~ C

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