Back to back Saturdays ft. MOTD

Morning lovelies!!! So yesterday was a bit of full on back to back bookings in the home salon but I managed to still get enough time to do a full face of makeup and reshape my brows! Saturdays are usually one of my busiest work days for the week being a hairdresser and makeup artist. 

I thought I’d give you all a quick update on my life changes and then give you the full run down on yesterday’s makeup!

So it is now 4 weeks since I cracked 40kg’s and for those of you who haven’t followed my blog or instagram for long I have a health condition that significantly impacts my ability to gain and maintain weight. My goal is to achieve 45kg’s by Christmas but considering its taken me 8 years to gain 4kg’s I’m probably a bit unrealistic. So back to the 40kg’s I have now had to throw out half my wardrobe as it no longer fits me and my spirulina is making me hungry as anything!!! I am still loving my detox tea it is amazing for the days where I am feeling a bit off or stressed and I will definitely be repurchasing more. Cutting out the clutter in my life whether it be clothes, old furniture or dodgy friends has really helped with my anxiety creating new memories rather than trying to fix the old ones… So here is me 4 weeks caffiene free, with much less insomnia/anxiety than before and I can confidently wear my clothes without people saying “you need to eat more!!!!”. I’m sure my husband will regret telling me this diet was a good idea now that I want to demolish the contents of our fridge! Speaking of which I’m hungry again…

Well while I’m off to sleep and dream of food here’s my makeup from yesterday featuring some of my favourite products!  Have a blog request? Leave it in the comments below or email me at! New blog post coming soon ~ C


Makeup details

Kat Von D tattoo liner

Tarte clay eye shadow palette

Chi chi brow pomade medium brown

MODELROCK lipstick “pure pout”

Chi chi contour palette #1 & #5!!!

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