#Motd ft. Zoeva review

Screw what the haters say makeup can be so empowering! There’s nothing like starting your day with fierce brows 😂 okay okay I know I’m brow obsessed!!! Today’s makeup was done using the Zoeva Naturally Yours palette, read below to see what I thought of it!

Now I’m not gonna lie I’ve used this twice and the first time I absolutely hated it so much I removed all my makeup and used something else, it wasn’t coming out pigmented like my swatches in store and was patchy to blend and I was so dissapointed. But today I tested it again and can I tell you I was 2000 x happier than the first attempt. All I did differently was instead of using zoeva branded brushes I used all my other fabulous fluffy eye brushes and it turned out fab! Zoeva brushes pick up far too much product and therefore make it more difficult to blend. I am definitely a matte girl at heart so branching into more shimmer tones on myself is a big stretch but I actually loved the highlight on my eyes today as I ditched the bronzer and highlight! So not me right?! 😂 I love me some bronzed cheeks!

Anyway I found that this product is definately not as pigmented as morphe but it is definately buildable coverage. I think I was just expecting too much as its not that much cheaper than morphe and morphe is just so amazing to blend. I am really happy with how today turned out but would I buy this palette again? Probably not, I think for the cost morphs is a much better option for only $10 more it comes with more colours and just better quality overall. I feel like there isn’t many looks I would personally create from this palette being that I am such a matte fan.

Have you tried a zoeva palette?! What did you think of it? Leave your comments below, new blog post coming soon ~ C



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