Sunshimmer Self Tan ~ Review

Sick of your tan being dry, patchy and difficult to apply?! Today I am reviewing the Sunshimmer Self Tan Mousse by Rimmel London. Read below to see if it is worth the $$$!
Aspirational_540x540.jpgThis tan is my new holy grail like I should probably buy an entire shelfs worth incase they discontinue it! I use the shade medium to give myself a nice healthy glow minus the potential skin cancer associated with sun tanning!

The mouse took approximately five minutes to apply and another two minutes to fully dry before I was able to put some loose clothing on. Once dry this tan doesn’t transfer unless you get it wet or sweat so try to stay cool but I managed to head out and do some shopping whilst waiting for it to develop. Sunshimmer tan takes one hour to develop into a nice warm even natural tan before washing off and thankfully unlike some other tans this does not stain my shower tiles.

There is no awful smell that comes from applying this tan and although you are meant to moisturise after the tan has been washed off my skin already feels much more hydrated than prior to the tan! I love using my tans not just to enhance the even glow but to repair and hydrate my skin so it is really important that I check the ingredients before use. I always moisturise after each shower to ensure the tan lasts the full 7 days.

Sunshimmer mousse is $16.99 from Priceline for 150ML which lasts me approximately 3 tans, each tan lasts up to 7 days when cared for correctly. This tan ticks all the boxes for me! Affordable, easy to apply and an even finish!

Have you tried this tan? Leave your opinion below! New blog post coming soon ~ C


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