Maybelline Superstay ~ Review

Maybelline went bold when claiming their Superstay Gel polish lasted 7 days! So I’ve put it to the test to see if these claims are in fact true and what I think of the overall quality of the polish. Read below to see how I went!
I purchased the shade Rose Poudré from my local BigW and although I love the colour and pigmentation I was still extremely disapointed!

If your the type of person who reads the headlines and doesn’t look into the tiny fine print on the back of products this would easily give you a false representation. When inspecting the fine print on the back of the so called long wearing polish the brand claims that it is only up to 7 days with base coat touch ups which of course any nail polish can last up to 7 days if you are re applying fresh layers over the top! Misleading marketing much!

The second thing I disliked was the amount of time it took for this product to dry. Both times I have tried this polish it has taken 10-15 minutes for each hand to dry and even once it has dried it creases unevenly with a bumpy appearance.

This polish absolutely hates base and top coats which is a terrible thing for the health of your nails as the base coat prevents any damage or discolouration of the nail. It basically refuses to dry at all when using a base or top coat.

The polish lasts perhaps 3-4 days before needing a touch up on minimal chemical contact and because it doesn’t dry even the first time touch ups look sooo patchy and obvious.

Would I repurchase this product? Not a chance especially with the misleading product title.

Have you tried this product? What were your thoughts on it. New blog post coming soon ~ C

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