Eyebrow Tutorial For Beginners

Welcome to the Beginners Guide To Makeup Series! There are 6 videos dedicated to explaining the basics of makeup skills, products and tools. Links to each individual video are below!

Foundation For Beginners ~ https://youtu.be/WXj5P7YoLJE
Makeup Primers For Beginners ~ https://youtu.be/HizxrokPAHw
Contouring and highlighting for beginners ~ https://youtu.be/KvZvk_d6KIw
Makeup Brushes For Beginners ~ https://youtu.be/v_SZSPe2Zm8
Eyebrows For Beginners ~ https://youtu.be/UhbAX8-qRWA
Removing Makeup For Beginners ~ https://youtu.be/5Xuu3xUC0Ws

Enjoy and don’t forget to like and subscribe! I try to post 3 videos a week every monday, wednesday and saturday at 6am AEST!

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Want to collaborate or send me something? Email casidhelianna@gmail.com


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