November Favourites

Hey lovelies! Here is my November beauty/hair/skin favourites video!  Continue reading

Smiley Miley Teeth Whitening Review/Demo

Hey lovelies! I know I did a full first impression write up on my blog 5 months ago but I wanted to follow up show you I am still loving my kit and also do a live demo on how I use it!

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Back to back Saturdays ft. MOTD

Morning lovelies!!! So yesterday was a bit of full on back to back bookings in the home salon but I managed to still get enough time to do a full face of makeup and reshape my brows! Saturdays are usually one of my busiest work days for the week being a hairdresser and makeup artist.  Continue reading

Understanding your skin type ~ Dry Skin

Hey lovelies,

So as you would know when I recommend a product 9/10 I will remind you to make sure you have your skin type assessed before you even think of purchasing something new! So here is my blog post with information sourced from a variation of websites and some of my old beauty school text books to provide you with a better understanding of the “DRY SKIN” condition/type. Please only use this as a guide and not a Dr Google diagnosis. If you are unsure of your skin type please see your local beauty therapist or dermatologist for a consultation for a more accurate answer. Continue reading

So you wake up 3 months before your wedding, your photographer cancels on you, your best friend even cancels on you and your still trying to figure out how on earth all your family is going to fit into 3 houses! What do you do?! Call mum OF COURSE! This was the beginning of my week and no doubt it stretched my stress levels through the roof. Continue reading