Too Faced Merry Macarons Makeup Tutorial

Hey lovelies! My amazing mother bought me the Limited Edition Merry Macarons set by Too Faced so I have created a makeup tutorial using both the palette and better than sex mascara! I would highly recommend purchasing both! Let me know what other videos you would like me to film!

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Possibly one of the worst things that happen after a holiday or junk food splurge is the instant break outs. Desire your blemish free skin back? Read Below for tips

Often the first mistake made by many is to jump straight into an intense cleansing routine. If you are not used to regularly cleansing your skin DO NOT go purchasing the most intense exfoliants/cleansers and masks you can find on the market. Making a dramatic PH level or oil change to your skin will not provide balance intact it will actually irritate your skin even more so.

One thing to remember is getting your skin back to normal will take time, there is no miracle cure for next day blemish free skin. The first most important thing to do is increase your water intake, detoxing your body will encourage your entire body to heal not just the surface meaning longer lasting results. Struggle with the taste of water? Don’t reach for the soft drinks, purchase a carbonated water and add some lemons or indulge in some watermelon

More tips below;

~ Now is the time to put your makeup brushes through a deep cleanse to avoid transferring more bacteria and oils to your face. If you have sensitive skin try using a more natural approach to washing them like baby shampoo rather than intense chemical cleans.

~ Did your skin do the complete reverse and dry out this weekend instead of blemishes? Vitamin C will help reduce those crows feet and rough skin. Eating broccoli is a great alternative to drinking orange juice as it hasn’t got the sugar content and in fact studies show it has up to 65% more Vit C.

~ Put those hands down! Avoid direct contact between your hands and face as much as possible, now is not the time to be adding additional oils and bacteria. This is a tip I was given by a teacher in primary school and can I tell you, my skin was all the more better for it. Less scaring and less acne meant less stress!

~ For those of you who lack a regular skin care routine purchase a gentle foaming cleanser to begin with. Finish off with a toner and moisturiser. Ease your skin into this routine over the course of 1-2 weeks before adding anything more harsh.

~ Give your face a break from the heavy makeup. Instead of reaching for the concealer each morning get an early nights sleep. When you wake up, grab an ice cube and gently rub under the eye area to reduce swelling as well as in the T-Zone to reduce the appearance of pores. Use a white eyeliner in the waterline to brighten your eyes and if you still want coverage opt for a BB cream or pressed powder. Add a lipgloss to bring your lips back to health a touch of mascara and your done! For more tips of monday morning rush essentials read here

~ Remember when healing your body from the inside first your acne will get worse before it is better as you are bringing all the toxins to the surface.

~ Avoid picking! If you have school photos this week or an important night out, do not pick at blemishes. Why? When you attempt to cover it up with makeup you are going to make it even more obvious as your cracked skin will now flake and more than likely the makeup will fade quickly due to the skin attempting to repair itself with natural oils etc.

~ Take better care of your hair! Greasy hair/scalps will lead to blemishes in the hairline and around the face. Read here for my hairdressers guide to haircare!


Now for those of you whom were following me on Instagram last week you would have seen I hit up a session of dance with my sister. Hip Hop was something I had always wanted to try out but was never keen on the idea of embarrassing myself in a room full of other people so when my sister asked me to attend with her I thought why not at least I wont be alone right! This was my very first dance class outside of high school and OMG I was soo not prepared for the day after sore muscles haha. What made it worse was that the next day I was going on a 6+ hour road trip with minimal leg room or breaks. A lot of you asked what my health and fitness tips/routine is you can read more about it by clicking here .

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