Morphe 350 Vs Crush Cosmetics 350 Makeup Tutorial

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Youtube Made Me Buy It Tag

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Sukin Anti-Pollution Mask ~ Skin Care

10936_xlarge.jpgSo after my skincare disaster I desperately needed something to repair my skin. I have a lot of trouble finding the right face mask as I have quite specific expectations. My pores produce quite a substantial amount of excess oil in my t-zone but thanks to Phisohex which I use twice daily it removes all of that un necessary oil. The problem being however that although having dry skin reduces the amount of acne I have it means my foundation doesn’t apply as smoothly and as moisturisers leave me feeling greasy a facial mask is often my best option. I chose the Sukin Anti-Pollution Facial Masque to complete my new skin care routine, want to know more about this product and what I thought of it? Read below!

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Anastasia Brow Pomade vs Chi Chi Brow Pomade

Eyebrows these days have become my number one makeup focus, they are responsible for tying your look together and defining the face. Brow pomade is my absolute go to when shaping brows as it gives crisp lines and can be as dramatic or natural as you like providing you use the right brush/technique! 

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Smashbox Photo Finish Primer vs Mac Fix + Review

For those days your wearing more than just a tinted BB cream you want to ensure your makeup will glide on and stay on right?! Mac Fix + has always been a go to product of mine for many different reasons so on my honeymoon I decided to change things up a bit and test out the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer to compare! Want to see which was better? Read below! Continue reading

Daiso vs Blendercleanser sponge bath!

Finding that my general brush cleaners weren’t enough for my beauty blenders I decided when I was in Sydney last week to purchase some actual sponge cleaner from two different brands. To make this comparison more genuine I utilised 3 different brand sponges with the same amount of foundation on them and identical partners for each different cleaner. This meant it could test different colours and textures/materials. So what was better High end or drug store cleanser? Read below!

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Modelrock Liquid Lipstick Review

Hey lovelies,

So I finally took the leap of faith and purchased my first Modelrock Liquid Lipstick. Now I had pretty high expectations for this lipstick as their false lashes are to die for and I use them on all of my clients regularly. I am quite honestly one of the most pickiest people ever when it comes to choosing lipsticks. What I look for when choosing is; long lasting, non transferable/kiss proof, liquid, matte (non negotiable essential), decent applicator preferably a doe-foot wand and last but not least even colour application, no one wants that streaky/patchy look!

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