Affordable Christmas Beauty Gifts

Hey lovelies! Today I am going to be sharing some affordable christmas beauty gifts that won’t break the bank. Let me know what videos you want me to film next down below! Continue reading

Alright girlfriends, so we’ve spent a lot of time focusing on skin care for the face now it’s time to focus on the other 90% of your skin. It’s a no brainer as to why we need to care for our skin, it serves as protection for the blood and other organs as well as regulates our temperatures and assist with our senses. Tonight I thought we should touch base on how to remove all of those old damaged skin cells with a DIY body scrub! Continue reading

One more week guys until your back hitting the books and if your in senior year I can guarantee you have already started counting down the days until graduation. So heres some tips to get you through the rest of the year without taking too much time away from your study. Continue reading